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Schlund & Partner chooses Naumann IT Consulting
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Schlund & Partner chooses Naumann IT Consulting & Services

Schlund & Partner AG, a leading B2B internet service provider in Germany has recently charged Naumann IT Security Consulting with a penetration testing of one of their online services. The new client offers a wide range of professional, value-added products to small to mid-size companies. Schlund & Partner AG, based in Karlsruhe, is itself a member of the United Internet Group which congregates several well established brands under a common label. 1&1, a B2C internet service provider which has recently made a well sounding name on international markets and GMX, an email and messenging service provider with global reach are amongst these brands.

More information on the substance of this deal will be provided as soon as the penetration testing has been accomplished.

Time-limited free offer: Black box security assessment of your internet servers

While many companies tend to invest more and more into IT security, these investments are often targetted one-sided and follow-up measures concentrate on single classes of attack. While network/IP based attacks, virii and e-mail worms are frequently observed, there are many other attack vectors which are often missed entirely by small and medium sized companies' security concepts. While attacks of malicious individuals are expected to happen rarely, they will -whether successfull or not- often not even be monitored. As any non-automated attack, attacks on the web application level either by exploiting known vulnerabilities or by concentrating on weak programming of the web applications' code itself are much more likely to be successful. And, even worse, these are often not even realized by the IT department.

To increase your awareness of these problems, Naumann IT Security Consulting offers free basic black box IT security assessments during June and July. After signing a written agreement, selective companies' web sites and internet servers will be tested for security vulnerabilities. A summary outlining the number of detected vulnerabilites as well as their classes and severities will be provided to these companies at no cost. A full report of the vulnerabilities our tests have discovered is available for a reasonable price. If you would like to apply for this free service which comes without any further obligations on your side, please contact us now.

New company web site

We have relaunched our web site to provide a broader overwiev on the services we provide and to better introduce ourselves to our new clients. This is part of our enduring strategy of establishing and upkeeping a close relationship to existing customers and to provide transparency to new clients. Should you come across any errors or technical problems, please inform our webmaster.